Art by Richard Phillips

I like it when cosmetics business accept the contemporary art scene like MAC has with fall’s cosmetics Art Cosmetics collection (arriving Aug. 20).


It’s something MAC has done before — hitching their thematic wagon to an recognized or up-and-coming artist — as well as it always seems like such a fantastic idea to me. Isn’t makeup, after all, just one of numerous develops of art?

For past MAC autumn collections like Cult of Cherry as well as Smoke Signals, smokey eyes as well as dark lips took center stage. The color palettes differed, however both collections still fell along what I think about conventional autumn makeup lines, with the addition of MAC’s much-loved theatrical flair!

With the large cosmetics Art Cosmetics collection, however, MAC produced three totally different sets of products (as far as I can tell), each set developed by a different artist.


Katter og sminke -sweatshirt ??

42 dollar

Handle nå

Art by Marilyn Minter

Painter Richard Phillips, illustrator Maira Kalman as well as professional photographer Marilyn Minter each produced an interpretation of their artwork with MAC makeup.

Art by Maira Kalman

The idea excites me, however I’m not sure what to make of the colors…

The promotion pics didn’t provide me heart palpitations like the ones for Cult of Cherry as well as Smoke Signals did, however I can’t wait to see them on counters next week!

What would you get?

I believe it’s time for one more round of online haul in WHAT would YOU GET?

Your mission, ought to you select to accept it: You can select any type of one of the three MAC cosmetics Art Cosmetics sub-collections from autumn 2009 (one in its entirety) to take house with you. tell me which one you’d pick in the comments.

Artist: Painter Richard Phillips
Lipstick, $14

Front Lit: light white yellow (Frost)

High Strung: deep pink silver (Frost)

Lovin’ It: great neutral with yellow undertone (Lustre)

Hold the Pose: brown plum with gold pearl (Lustre)

Full Body: deep red plum (Lustre)

Lipglass, $14

Young Thing: yellow neutral with gold pearl (Frost)

Personal Taste: filthy increased with pink as well as gold pearl (Frost)

New Spirit: light yellow coral (Frost)

On Display: purple with yellow pearl (Frost)

Eye shadow x 4, SkinTone, $36

Skintone 1: light white pink (Lustre)

Skintone 2: filthy gold (Frost)

Notoriety: filthy brown with gold pearl (Velvet)

Rich & Earthy: rich coral bronze (veluxe pearl)

Eye shadow x 4, personal Viewing, $36

Lightfall: pale pink (Satin)

Look at the Eyes: light violet (Frost)

In the Gallery: blue pink (Matte)

Private Viewing: deep brown plum (Matte)

Eye shadow x 4, picture Realism, $36

Photo Realism: gold shimmer with gold pearl (Frost)

Fresh Approach: great mint eco-friendly (Veluxe Pearl)

Image Maker: filthy grey eco-friendly (Frost)

Grey Range: deep blue eco-friendly (Veluxe Pearl)

Plush Lash, $18

Plushblack: black

Powder Blush, $18

The ideal Cheek: filthy pale pink (Matte)

No Table: filthy brick brown red (Satin)

Artist: Illustrator Maira Kalman
Eye Shadow, $14.50

Crest the Wave: rich yellow (Frost)

Off the Page: filthy mustard orange (Frost)

Maira’s Magic: yellow pink (Satin)

Haunting: light turquoise blue (Satin)

Purple Shower: filthy blue pink (Satin)

Violet Trance: deep blue purple (Matte)

Technakohl Liner, $14.50

Colour Matters: bright lime

Obviously Orange: filthy coral

Artistic License: bright turquoise blue

Full of Fuchsia: deep blue magenta

Graphblack: rich graphic black

Artist: professional photographer Marilyn Minter
Reflects Glitter, $19.50

Reflects Copper: sparkling saffron

Reflects Rust: sparkling warm red

Glitter, $19.50

Gold: sparkling chunky gold

Fuchsia: sparking fuchsia

Pigment, $19.50

Cocomotion: filthy gold bronze with gold pearl

Brash & Bold: bright magenta

Heritage Rouge: filthy brown plum

Push the Edge: deep bright purple with pearl

Gloss Texture, $18

Clear Gloss: clear

I like the utter size of the Richard Phillips set, however those bright Technakohl liners from Maira Kalman are calling my name…


Decisions, decisions!

Din vennlige Community Charm Addict,


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