earlier this week I got a really interesting email from a reader (Hi, Aimee!) about something I’ve thought about lots of times myself…

Hi Karen,

Greetings from a long-time reader, first-time commenter/emailer! I discovered your blog when I first started using makeup during my undergrad a few years ago. essentially none of the women in my life are into makeup, so you’re like the makeup-loving aunt that I wish I had I love that you make cosmetics something very fun, and I’ve also learned a lot along the way.

I’ve got one small problem/dilemma though, and I’m wondering if you could help me with it/offer some advice? I’ve now got…a sizeable collection (not by blogger standards, but a lot more than a lot of girls have, I’d say), and I’ve also discovered the value in investing in higher-end/more expensive products that will really deliver, or that just make me happy. Unfortunately, I feel a little ashamed of my (relatively) substantial stash. It’s also composed of far a lot more higher-end/expensive items (to put this in context, one of my best pals feels that MAC is absurdly priced, while I’ve absolutely got a fair amount from NARS, MUFE, Benefit, etc.).

I guess what I’m saying is: how do you manage any pressure/judgment you get/feel from others about your makeup stash — its size, how expensive/high-end its contents are, etc. I love makeup for its creative side, and as a tool to empower me…but am terrified to ever show my full stash to the ladies in my life for concern of judgment. and as embarrassing as it is, this is kind of affecting my life (I never leave anything out on my counter, a lot of of my makeup is hidden in drawers which makes accessing it a pain, and if someone wants to come into my room, I make sure I’ve got my stuff tucked away first).

I’m sure part of this has to come from me, but if you have any words of recommendations at all, I’d appreciate it a ton. This is the one thorn in my makeup-loving side.

Thanks for reading, I know you need to get a ton of messages!

Mye kjærlighet,


Hi Aimee,


Greetings ideal back ‘atcha from sunny (today) Marin County, California! thank you for checking out the blog and being a reader all these years. It indicates a lot to me, and I am honored to be the makeup-loving aunt you never had.

You pose a fascinating question. I know exactly how you feel. Not that El Hub gets (very) cranky about my collection, except when he’s tripping over boxes or sitting on makeup pans. often I’ll hear a creative string of curses coming from the shower after a loud crash as 15 bottles of shampoo and conditioner rain down on top of him (haha!), or he’ll ask, “Babe, do you really need another pink lipstick?” when he sees me with that rabid look in my eyes at a MAC counter, but other than little things like that, he couldn’t care less.

But I do experience what you described often with friends. like often when my friend Cindy (who’s anti-makeup and recoils whenever I threaten her with lip gloss) comes over, she’ll say something mildly snarky like, “I’ll never understand why you need so lots of eyeshadows,” or “Why does it take you SO long to get ready?” or “Wow…that’s a lot of brushes.”


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Whenever it happens, I tell myself that she’s probably just curious or trying to push my buttons (we’re like sisters and have known each other for a lot more than 20 years).

Not wanting to bite, I’ll normally make a joke to diffuse the situation, saying something like, “Yup, that is a lot of brushes, and if you don’t get out of my way, I will paint every inch of your face with them,” or “Well, if I didn’t collect eyeshadow, I’d collect cats!”

But when someone I don’t know very well makes a similar comment (and they’re unfamiliar with my sense of humor), I’ll just smile and bite my tongue, and maybe say something like, “Yeah, it is a lot of makeup, isn’t it? It’s just a hobby, and I like it because it’s a little artsy-fartsy. would you like me to show you how to use this blush (eyeshadow/bronzer/brush)? I bet it would look really pretty on you.”

And if that fails, well, whatcha gonna do? If someone still wants to be cranky after that, there’s nothing I can do to stop ’em. Water off a duck’s back. maybe they’re just having a bad day and want to take it out on me. often all you can do is Kanye shrug, ya know, and go on your merry way.


Din vennlige nabolag appellavhengige,


P.S. Tgif!

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