A gander at the new NARS spring 2013 collection…
3 things that brightened my day…

1. The realization that I’m finally, again (since I viewed the show once before), on the last season of The Hills.

JEG VET! Allegedly, Kristin and Brody have chose to get back together…


Whatev. I haven’t really been paying attention because LC left (and I also remember what happened from viewing it the first time), but I feel like I’m in so deep that I can’t stop now.

2. Tabs has been so completely into me all day long!

He had been ignoring me many of the week but for some strange reason today chose I [was worthy of] his presence, so he’s been following me around the house and sleeping on my lap.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Yeah, I knew Tabs was big…but he looks ginormous in this picture (they say the video camera adds 10 pounds). I don’t know, maybe it’s the angle? That, or he’s just a frickin’ huge-@ss cat.

3. and lastly, the NARS spring 2013 collection!

No, literally, it brightened my day. See the blue eyeshadow there in the mad Mad world Duo…?

That’s bright. like Katy Perry’s blue wig bright.

And that green is no joke, either. After I swatched and photographed it, I cleaned up, and then a few minutes later discovered that my finger had a green stain!

This collection has some major Roy Gee Biv action happening — red, orange, yellow, green, blue and — not exactly a violet, but much more of a purplish pink.

I have a feeling this one’s gonna drive the color-lovers wild, and because of the amount of pigment these pieces pack, I bet they’ll rock the house on darker divas.

Eyes, nails, lips and faces (there are two face powders in the release, both called Translucent Crystal, one pressed and one loose) have something to look forward to here.

Mad mad world Duo Eyeshadow ($34)
Bouthan Duo Eyeshadow ($ 34)
Persia Single Eyeshadow ($ 24)

Seduction blush ($28)
Disco Inferno nail polish ($18)
Corcovado Soft Touch shadow Pencil ($24)
Cythere Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil ($ 24)
Kledd å drepe leppestift ($ 24)
Translucent Crystal loose Powder ($34)
Translucent Crystal pressed Powder ($34)
Swatches from the left: Bouthan Duo Eyeshadow, mad Mad world Duo Eyeshadow, Persia single Eyeshadow and Corcovado Soft Touch shadow Pencil
Seduction Blush, kledd å drepe leppestift og cythere Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil
Disco Inferno nail polish (three layers because it’s very sheer!)

NARS says that the color palette was ’90s-inspired, but I wore makeup all through that decade, and I remember a lot much more matte browns and beige…

Maybe he was just talking about the early ’90s, because yeah, there was a lot of pink, purple and blue eye action going on back then.

As for the collection, I’m not exactly sure what to make of it…

I mean, I love the colors and how bright they are, but I haven’t figured how I’m going to work ’em yet. I think I need some playtime over the next few days to explore.

NARS is funny. This happens to me all the time with their seasonal collections. I typically don’t see the themes or how the colors are implied to work together best off the bat. They’re like puzzles, but the pieces typically fall together.


The collection, with the exception of the pressed powder, arrives January 15 at NARS counters and narscosmetics.com, while the pressed powder launches at Sephora on February 1 and later on narscosmetics.com March 15.

Din vennlige nabolag sjarmavhengig,


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