keep in mind when benefit discontinued their line of OG glosses last year? Man, that made me grumpy… Creamy purple Kiss Me was a essential o’ mine for many years (I always used it on very first dates, heh!). The shade, pigment as well as non-sticky structure made it the stuff of lipgloss legend, as well as I’ve been mourning the loss ever since.

But benefit didn’t leave us hanging for long. They immediately replaced the OG line with a new collection of incredibly sheer glosses that I believed were a’ight, however they didn’t truly make my heart flutter in that “I needs IT!!” kinda way.


I was down to the last dregs of my last tube of Kiss Me earlier this month (all set to pour a 40 in my front lawn in memoriam) when benefit introduced the new Ultra lusters Lip Shines, as well as all I gotta state is, “OH, YEAH, b*tchezzz!”

Benefit glosses are BACK in the building.

Benefit Ultra lusters Lip Shines

The B-babes pumped up the pigment of these five ultra shiny shades, making them as richly colored as the old institution glosses (if not more), as well as one of them even resembles Kiss Me, yay!


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Swatches from left (for reference, I’m an NC35): Spiked Punch, Back to the Fuchsia, Wild kid (aka the Kiss Me dupe!)


Just a terrific texture. All three of the colors I’ve tried (creamy coral Spiked Punch, shimmery Back to the Fuchsia as well as light violet Wild Child) feel like a slinky silk cami against my lips. I’d explain it as a somewhat thicker structure than the MAC Cremesheen glosses, one that may assist to enhance their wear time, which I clock at about four hours. even adorably named Back to the Fuchsia, packed with glitter, still feels creamy.

Wearing Wild Child… uh, I have NO concept what the hell’s going on with my hair


If your pucker likes moisture, then the Ultra lusters are as much as the task. I used them all weekend long as well as didn’t feel the requirement to touch a tube of lip balm at all.

Back to the Fuchsia!

Smell that?

Benefit likes to liven up their glosses with fragrance, as well as these have a short-lived (about three minutes to fade) fruity vanilla scent that reminds me of raspberry Creamsicle. I like it, however my sensitive nose wouldn’t mind if they toned it down a tad. of what it’s worth, at least they’re unflavored, so it’s not a strong one-two punch.

Spiked Punch (pic from the NARS Cactus flower cream blush review)

On balance I believe benefit did an *awesome* task with these new glosses. They may be a bit expensive at $18, however that gets you a generously pigmented, easy-to-wear gloss with a silky smooth structure to boot. look for them on benefit counters beginning next month. makeup as well as appeal blog Rating: A

You may like the benefit Ultra lusters Lip radiate Glosses if

…you like a shiny, mirror-like surface

…you like pigmented glosses

…you like clean applicators

…you want something that doesn’t feel sticky

…you don’t mind a strong scent


Thinking about Kiss Me gloss got me believing about very first dates as well as makeup as well as holy shizz! — I just realized I haven’t been on a very first date in eight years! Wow, however I can still keep in mind the makeup I was using on my very first date with El Hub.


Do you have a set look that you like to wear on very first dates? OOH! as well as if you’re already attached, can you keep in mind what you were using the very first time you as well as your boo went out?

Din vennlige samfunn appellavhengige,


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