Det er et mirakel! high-end line hourglass Cosmetics claims to have photographic evidence of a “miracle makeup for oily skin,” as well as it’s called Immaculate Powder Foundation.

Hva er det?

The new liquid-to-powder deal with product ($55 for a 1-ounce bottle) for people as well as gals with oily, combination as well as acne-prone skin promises to polish skin tone with a lightweight formula as well as a natural-looking, long-lasting matte surface created to last all day, as well as it’s not meant to requirement a setting powder used on top.


Since my skin is oily on my forehead, dry on my cheeks as well as prone to pimples around my chin, I state “Sign me up!” Let’s put this prospective prizefighter to the test.

First things first, Immaculate’s bonafides look excellent on paper. The oil-free, water-resistant formula consists of fascinating botanicals like Phytostem Edelweiss, a Himalayan plant stated to assist heal cell damage, as well as Lavandox, an extract of Spanish lavender, which hourglass claims assists to minimize the appearance of wrinkles by inhibiting muscle mass contractions. as well as it doesn’t consist of parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, GMOs, synthetic fragrances or nanoparticles.

According to Hourglass, Immaculate doesn’t stop at evening out skin tone. It’s likewise created to soften the look of fine lines, pores as well as imperfections, all while showing some like to skin.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

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Lol! I was mainly thinking about this since I liked the concept of being able to avoid powder. Anything to save a bit time, ya know?

Limited choice of shades

Of the eight offered shades (and a lot more on that in a few)…





Lys beige



Warm Beige

…Beige comes closest to my skin tone (I’m an NC 42 in MAC), however it’s not an precise match, as it does have a great deal of, um, beige in it.

It can look a bit ashy on me if I wear as well much, however as long as I only apply a couple of thin layers, it’s close enough. A lemony beige with an additional dose of yellow in it would most likely have been a better match.

Finding a best match among Immaculate’s eight shades might be a challenge, particularly if you have a deep tan or a darker skin tone. It seems like lots of of these shades deal with women with lighter as well as medium skin, as well as if you’re darker than I am, warm beige is the only shade right here that may be a match.

And it’s a shame, too, since the formula, which applies as a liquid however dries to a powder, took hourglass a year to perfect. It’s just so neat! As you work the liquid into your skin, it dries to a extremely fine powder.

The coverage

For protection like the kind I’d wear with laid-back denim as well as a tee shirts — just to even out my skin tone as well as disguise any type of bit pimples on my chin — I utilize half a pump used with my fingers or something like the hourglass No. 2 foundation brush ($58).

But for dressier events, say, for skin to opt for a cocktail gown as well as heels, I’ll utilize a second half a pump on my cheeks as well as chin for almost opaque coverage.

Either way, I believe Immaculate looks great. My preliminary reaction the very first time I saw myself in the mirror with it on was “Wow!”

Matte foundations don’t always look like this. Some look heavy, like a mask, however Immaculate still looks extremely natural natural to me. attempt I state it? nearly like I’m not using anything at all, LOL!

I believe the difference is the finish. It just has a great deal of life in it, a minor sheen that keeps it from looking dull as well as flat.

And with it on, I can truly see an enhancement in the structure of my skin. The pores on my cheeks look smaller, as well as the entire canvas just looks smoother to me.


As for my dry spots, Immaculate treats ’em quite well. It evens out the skin tone anywhere without emphasizing any type of dry flakes. as well as it feels lightweight as well as terrific to wear.

Beige unblended (left) as well as mixed (right)

The only time I’m ever truly conscious of it on my skin comes about halfway with the day, which is when I begin to feel a bit tightness around my nose as well as at the corners of my mouth — my driest spots.

Other than that, it’s one of the most comfortable foundations I’ve ever worn.

In terms of absorbing oil, when again, Immaculate brings the noise, however whether it’s fair to phone call it a miracle remains available to debate. I begin to notice a minor radiate peeking with on my oily forehead about 4 hours in that progresses all the method to shiny town by hours 7 or 8.

Before (left) as well as after (right)

I’ve yet to try it with a truly excellent primer like hourglass Veil Mineral primer SPF 15. I’m hoping it’ll provide Immaculate’s matte surface someYtterligere oppholdskraft (du vil være den aller første å vite!).

Å være i stand til å unngå å måtte bære pulver med en formel som lett, da dette gir ulastelig store punkter, men det er så dårlig det er bare åtte nyanser. Jeg ønsker likevel ønske jeg ikke måtte bruke et ekstra produkt for å holde stråle i sjakk utover 8 timer, men det ber om mye. Jeg ville rydde opp for timeglass banker $ 20 av prisen.


Pris: $ 55
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