using MAC Beth Ditto shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner in “Drag, Strip”

Dual-ended eye makeup brushes, cream shadows that double as primers, twist-up eyeliners that never, ever requirement sharpening — what’s the crucial word here?


That would be convenience.

If it makes my life easier, I’m normally a fan. Like, if it’s something I can apply in the back of a cab on the method to satisfy the cast of Magic Mike for drinks at the Tonga Room, I’ll most likely say, “Yes, please!”

Speaking of that, “Siri, remind me to Fandango tickets to see Magic Mike…”


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Oops! — back to convenience. If we likewise occur to be speaking about practical eye makeup, my resistance is futile. Anything that saves area in my makeup bag as well as shaves a few steps off my eye makeup routine, like the new dual-ended Beth Ditto shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners ($22 each), can be characterized as one of my weak spots.

On one end, a slanted eyeliner; on the other, a creamy, intensely pigmented coordinating eyeshadow with a rounded tip. as well as both ends laugh in the deal with of sharpeners! With their twist-up tips, they just don’t requirement ’em.

When you get the desire to go bigger with your eye look or just feel like skipping your brushes, just twist up the eyeshadow tip, apply the product directly to your lids, as well as smooth out the edges with a finger. Then, comply with up with the liner, however only if you feel like it (I normally do).

The four restricted edition pencils include bit miss Moffett, which pairs a true black shadow with a true white liner; “Drag, Strip,” which pairs a smokey navy shadow with a pale blue liner; Beth Mask, which pairs a reddish brown bronze shadow with a golden peachy pink liner; as well as Beth or Glory, which puts a deep brown shadow together with a bright blue liner.

Application ideas from MAC senior artist Keri Blair

“The tapered end is the ‘liner,’ so it’s much better for a lot more outlining as well as defining (I don’t suggest it for the water line). The slanted idea makes it simple to apply to eyelids or the inner corners of the eyes. utilize it to pop the lid, as well as with a flick of your wrist, you can utilize the rounded side to smoke out the outer as well as inner corners of the eyes.

The rounded side is fantastic for smudging as well as ‘smoking’ out the eye. You can blend with your finger or a brush, however work swiftly since the long-wearing, water-resistant formula dries fast! My finest recommendations is to work one eye each time to accomplish a completely smokey, smudgy look.”

Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner

From bottom to top: bit miss Moffet, Beth or Glory, Beth Mask as well as Drag, Strip

Swatches from the left, shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners in #1 Beth Mask, #2 Beth or Glory, #3 “Drag, Strip” as well as #4 bit miss Moffett; Zoom Lash Mascara in #5 Plum Reserve, #6 Blue fee as well as #7 new Hue; pro Longwear Lipcremes in #8 BOOYAH!!, Dear Diary as well as Heart Hangover

Wearing shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner in “Drag, Strip”

When utilized together, the eyeshadows with their partner liners, as well as used atop eye primer on my combination dry/oily lids, I get between 8-10 hours of wear time. That said, I believe MAC left themselves a bit space to enhance the liners, which seem somewhat dry to me. as well as not only do they tug at my skin, however they likewise apply unevenly.

As for as convenience, these have it in spades, as well as I dig the choice of colors. I can see myself using them well into fall.

But I believe I’d like them even a lot more if MAC modified the liners a bit to make them a touch smoother as well as much easier to apply.

PRICE: $22 each
AVAILABILITY: offered now at as well as pertaining to North American MAC counters as well as stores June 7; internationally later this month
MAKEUP as well as appeal blog RATING: B+

This tea!

So, I’d really hoped to be sipping iced tea poolside by this time around of year, however nooo. We hit a awesome spell this week, as well as it even rained yesterday.

Luckily, a tea I just recently discovered at Trader Joe’s has been keeping me warm. It’s called Spiced Rooibos Ruby Red Chai.

Have you tried it before? Omigosh! SÅ BRA. It’s likewise organic as well as caffeine-free.

I desire I’d discovered it back in wintertime when I truly needed warming up. The mix of red rooibos as well as spices (cloves, ginger, allspice, cardamon, nutmeg as well as cinnamon) are like using a comfortable sweater.

Sometimes I have it with a bit bit of almond milk as well as sugar, however I believe it’s likewise fantastic plain.



Here, I’ll pour you a cup, as well as then you can tell me about your day.

Din vennlige samfunn appellavhengige,


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