Yes, the skin on my deal with is drier than well-delivered sarcasm, so I can’t online without my cleansing lotions.

Cleansing lotions generally have a rich, thick consistency, making them much better for dry skinned women (and gents) than astringent cleansers. look for moisturizing cleansing lotions that won’t create a sudsy foam as they’re utilized since foaming gel or liquid cleansers are notorious for drawing wetness away from the skin. as well as if you’re having a hard time with dry skin on your face, think about eliminating whichever cleansing lotion you utilize with a tissue, instead of rinsing it off with water, leaving the lotion’s moisturizer where it can do you some good.


I pitted two prominent brands of cleansing lotions head-to-head — La Mer’s The Cleansing lotion as well as Jurlique’s Replenishing Cleansing lotion — as well as the victor earned a area together with my previous cleansing lotion champion, Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple.

Two cleansing lotions, one dry face. Which one prevailed in the cleansing lotion smackdown?

First in the sound was Jurlique’s Replenishing Cleansing lotion ($40 for 6.7 fl oz bottle). It includes marshmallow, viola, increased as well as lavender important oils to, as the product packaging says, carefully smooth, moisturize as well as cleanse the skin.


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What did my testing reveal?

The Jurlique cleanser felt thick as well as rich like a body lotion, which to me implies moisturizing, as well as it had a wonderful herbal scent that I neither liked nor hated. In the plus column, the bottle has a pump, making it simple to dispense the lotion with one hand.

The amount of product from a single pump of Jurlique thoroughly eliminated many of the makeup on my deal with (even many of my eye makeup) as well as left my deal with as well as neck feeling clean as well as moisturized. So far it hasn’t damaged me out, knock on wood. I truly dig the truth that half of the components are plant extracts with long scientific names (Althaea officianalis, Symphytum officinale, Stellaria media…), as well as Jurlique utilizes plants grown on their own biodynamic farms in Australia, which I believed was kinda cool.

Biodynamic farming was made prominent in the mid-1920s by philosopher Rudolf Steiner, who sought to establish a technique of farming that would protect a natural balance of nutrients in soil by growing mutually advantageous buddy crops near one another. Jurlique began their biodynamic farms 20 years ago, as well as now their line of products for face, hair as well as body include plants products harvested from two farms spanning over 150 acres at Ngeringa as well as Mylor in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. Today they grow 50 different varieties of plants as well as flowers, including lavendar, rose, marshmallow, elder as well as calendula. The farms are both organic as well as sustainable, so kudos to Jurlique for being environmentally conscientious too.

La Mer’s The Cleansing lotion ($65 for a 6.7 fl oz jar, holy crap!), the second competitor in the cleansing lotion smackdown, derives many of its many valuable components from the sea.

La Mer’s cleansing lotion includes sea kelp, among other ingredients, as well as gets a great deal of hype since of the popularity of the La Mer brand. A hold of stars proclaim their like for La Mer’s products, many notably Creme de la Mer, the line’s well-known deal with cream. even El Hub understood about the brand (“Isn’t that what J. Lo uses?” LOLOL!), however I suspect that’s since I subject him to cheesy star way of life shows on VH1, ha! I just recently got a wee sample of The Cleansing lotion as well as couldn’t wait to try it out.

Both of these brands like the scientific sounding ingredients. La Mer’s Cleansing lotion includes several, like magnetized tourmaline as well as positively charged waters, which supposedly allow the cleanser to extract dirt, debris, makeup as well as contaminants without needing a great deal of severe rubbing.

Although La Mer’s cleansing lotion smelled much better (flowers as well as licorice) than Jurlique’s cleansing lotion (herbs as well as sugar), the formula felt thinner as well as wasn’t as rich as Jurlique. When I utilized it before bed, it didn’t eliminate as much of my deal with as well as eye makeup as Jurlique’s cleanser did, as well as I had to utilize substantially much more than a dime-sized amount to feel clean. After rinsing off as well as drying my face, it felt a bit tight as well as dry, ouch.

While I certainly favored La Mer’s scent, for me it wasn’t sufficient to validate the $65 cost tag. If you’re already a La Mer fan, have oily skin, however don’t wear a great deal of makeup, you may feel otherwise.

Med det sagt…

The winner, by technical knockout (TKO): Jurlique’s Replenishing Cleansing Lotion!

JegLikte Jurlique’s påfylling av rensende lotion så mye at den nå går i tung rotasjon ved siden av filosofiens renhet gjort enkel, nå nå min andre foretrukne rensende lotion. Det er et fantastisk valg for tørrhudede gals til plantebasert, organisk hudpleie. Jeg kan ikke vente med å teste mye flere produkter fra linjen! Jeg håper de utfører akkurat i tillegg til at dette gjør det.

Kjøp jurliqueprodukter på internett eller personlig i Blue Mercury -butikker over hele landet.


Jeg håper uken din har en god start. fornøyd mandag!

Din vennlige Community Charm Addict,


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