Tabs: Harmless cat or hell Spawn?

Yowza, I got off to a late start today… Dark, primeval forces took hold of Tabs last night, turning our cute little tabby cat into some kind of furry hell beast. At around 2am, after El Hub and I had gone to bed, Tabs started meowing at the front door to be let outside, so, El Hub, being the trooper that he is, got up to let him out.

Ten minutes later we hear “Meeeoowwww! MJAU!!! MEEEEoooOOOOOoow!!” ved døren. He’s screaming his little tabby brains out to be let back inside, so, El Hub goes and lets him back in.


This cycle of doom went on for a couple hours — cry to go out, then cry to come in — until Tabs finally decided in his little evil way that he’d tortured us enough and stopped. We would have just let him cry himself silly outside, but he’s got a set of Pavarotti pipes on him that would have kept the entire neighborhood awake.

But now, of course, Tabs knows that he can control us with his cries, so he feels empowered, and we’re basically at the mercy of our cute 10-pound cat.

My tired ass sure would appreciate any insights into feline psychology, LOL!


Katter og sminke -sweatshirt ??

42 dollar

Handle nå

1. Chanel holiday 2008!

“It looks like nothing can stop the gold fever train that roared through the makeup world earlier this year, and now it’s chugging all the way to the holidays! remember Chanel’s Gold Fever Collection? Well, holiday 2008 is here, and — you guessed it! — gold (with touches of red, bronze and beige) still plays a starring role.”

2. 10 wonderful Smokey Eye Tutorials

“One of my favorite things about makeup is that there’s always room to step up your game. I love to think of all the tips and tricks that I’ve yet to learn. I’m always looking to get better at doing smokey eyes. I’ve come across hundreds of smokey eye tutorials, and I think these 10 are some of the most valuable ones. I hope you find them useful…”

3. MAC Infatuating Rose: 6 ways to wear the 6 amazing Eyes Palette

“I momentarily set aside my issues with the substantial bling-bling jewel on the top of the MAC Infatuating Rose: 6 amazing Eyes palette ($38, part of the passions of Red collection) today. Sure, the packaging is cheesy enough to pair with crackers and wine, but I don’t care because the shadows inside this little cheese log more than make up for it.”

4. MAC Emanuel Ungaro product Pictures, Swatches and first Impressions

“MAC’s highly anticipated collaboration with designer Emanuel Ungaro arrived on counters nationwide today, and it reminds me of stargazer lilies — like a dreamy watercolor painting, with pops of bright but sheer magenta accenting its palette of soft pastels.”

5. 11 terrific makeup Wipes and Cleansers

“A few days ago I reviewed L’Oreal Skin Genesis wet Cleansing Towelettes with BHA. A few of you gals then offered up your fave makeup removing wipes and cleansers in the comments. Here’s a list featuring your recommendations and why you love ’em!”

6. Does L’Oreal Bare Naturale Mascara Thicken, Lengthen and separate Lashes?

“Have you seen that commercial for L’Oreal’s new Bare Naturale Mascara ($9) in which Penelope Cruz looks into the camera, bats her eyelashes and then BAM! — they morph into super lashes, all thick, lush and magnificent?”

7. Chanel Les Tissages Blushes: When Shimmer meets Matte

“Slivers of silver and gold thread through these mixes of matte and shimmer. inspired by classic Coco tweed, each of the four Les Tissages blushes (also referred to as the Chanel Tweed blushes) look like little works of art set in classic black Chanel compacts.”

8. add Red to Your Lipstick Repertoire with these 10 Tips

“My secret to wearing reds like Lancome’s absolute Rouge is to apply them using a MAC 316 covered Lip brush ($19). With the 316’s firm, pointed tip I can really get in where I need to get, precisely controlling my lines and delivering the right amount of pigment for my look — kinda like drawing with a sharpened pencil versus trying to draw with a stubby crayon.”

9. Bobbi brown holiday 2008 limited edition Palettes

“A few years ago, when I worked a 9-to-5 gig in downtown San Francisco, I’d bring my makeup and brushes with me to work and apply makeup in the bathroom on my breaks. I’ve always had issues packing light, even for work, so streamlined I was not. I’d walk around looking like I had a turkey stuffed in my bag. If I could turn back time, I’d totally give myself this palette along with a note that read, ‘Streamline, girl!’”

10. 5 more Smokin’ Smokey Eye Tips


“Ladies, when it comes to smoldering smokey eyes, the secret sauce is in the blending. Dark eye makeup looks best when it’s blended really well, and nothing can steal smokey eye thunder like a patchy makeup job that draws attention away from your eyes and onto your makeup. Lawd knows I’ve rushed through my share of smokey eyes. Regrettably, there are feWe eye makeup -utseende som så lett kan gå galt. ”

Din vennlige skjønnhetsavhengig, rusavhengig,


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