Paul & Joe Beaute holiday 2015 makeup Collection in Le Bal Masque 002 ($42, one of two nine-piece holiday kitteh-themed sets)
I have so lots of burning concerns for Paul & Joe about the feline mask-wearing lady on a few of the pieces in the new Paul & Joe Le Bal Masque holiday 2015 makeup Collection.

Like, where is she going? Is she going to a Thanksgiving masquerade ball, or does homegirl run tasks around town using her feline mask like that? since that’s something I’d absolutely do, which reminds me — why doesn’t this collection come keeping that mask? It seems like a missed opportunity…


Also, presuming that our masked virtuoso is likewise a feline woman (it’s a risk-free bet), exactly how lots of cats does she have?

One cat? To? four cats? Sytten?? In other words, is she living the feline woman dream, as well as does she get as ecstatic as I do when Paul & Joe goes buck wild with a new cat-themed collection?

Meow understood as the go-to makeup line for CCLs (translation: crazy feline Ladies), Paul & Joe has everything figured out. Whenever they go all the method with a new cat-themed release, like they have right here with Le Bal Masque, my tail immediately twitches with interest.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

There are cats around the location in this collection! — as there must be. There’s the masked woman on the makeup bag, who likewise makes an appearance on the increased Balm tin (which you can utilize on your skin and/or hair); the kitties on the eyeshadows; the cream blush; as well as even the eyeliner.

SO lots of KITTIES!

It’s a lovely thing…

Le Bal Masque is one of two new restricted edition $42 holiday makeup sets from Paul & Joe this year, one of them warmer toned than the other. Le Bal Masque is the warmer option. The other one, Oh Carnaval 001, includes cooler-toned pastels.

The Paul & Joe holiday 2015 Le Bal Masque Eye color L Eyeshadows
Both sets are covered in cats as well as offered meow at Paul & Joe counters as well as online. Each one includes nine pieces (like nine lives!!) — the feline woman bag, five Eye color L Powder Eyeshadows, one Creamy Cheek color L Blush, one water resistant eyeliner as well as a tin of increased treatment Balm.

Le Bal Masque, the set I’ve been using as well as loving lately, is the warmer of the two. very first of all, the feline woman on the bag is absolutely speaking to me…

Not literally, of program (that would be trippy!), however I feel like she as well as I have a specific kitty connection. I would likewise wear that attire of hers with the mask any type of day of the week…assuming they had a pregnancy version.

Check out the eyeshadows…

Here kitty, kitty! A closeup of a couple of the Eye color L Eyeshadows
Interesting packaging, yeah? It’s not commonly that you see powder shadows packaged in flat paper packaging with a plastic cover.

To utilize it, you pull off the plastic cover (the thing with the yellow mask for the cats, erhmahgawd) to expose the powder shadow with the feline pattern underneath. The plastic, which has a sticky adhesive around the edge, seals shut once again to keep the eyeshadow risk-free when not in use.

Paul & Joe holiday 2015 Le Bal Masque increased treatment Balm as well as Creamy Cheek color L
At a glance, the eyeshadows look like something you may utilize once, or perhaps twice, as well as then throw away, however they aren’t. They’re much much better than that. Paul & Joe handled to get a unusual amount of product in there. I’ve already utilized them a number of times as well as have yet to make a genuine dent in the shadows.

Obviously, they won’t last you years, however I believe you might get three or four months out of them. Heck, perhaps even six, depending upon exactly how commonly as well as exactly how much you use.

I don’t feel like I have to utilize a ton of each one since they’re waaay pigmented — much a lot more pigmented than other Paul & Joe shadows I’ve used, which normally hover around moderately opaque in coverage.

For something like the daytime look I’m using here, I just do a single layer, then buff out the edges. Of course, you might stack them on for a a lot more remarkable evening look.

Paul & Joe holiday 2015 Le Bal Masque water resistant Eyeliner
Oh — that Creamy Cheek Color? It’s an absolutely charming matte rosy brown. like the eyeshadows, it’s much a lot more pigmented than I expected it to be, as well as it stays out of my pores, which I truly appreciate. It likewise has a charming light jasmine scent that fades swiftly on the skin.

As for the water resistant Liner, I believe it’s adequate… It’ll get the task done, however it hasn’t haunted my dreams or anything. It’s one of those incredibly thin ones that you twist up, so it’s suitable for precision tightlining, for getting down at the base of your lashes, as well as it sTicks godt til mitt øvre vann, så vel som lash linjer, men det nekter absolutt å bli satt på min nedre vannlinje.

Det kan også være litt tørking, men igjen, det kan bare være sesongen … huden min har vært mer tørr i det siste.

Baksiden av øyet farge l emballasje
Jeg tror at den økte balsam er ganske ryddig, så vel som søt. Det er moderat fuktighetsgivende, så vel som lukter lett av roser. Det etterlater en mindre glans på huden min, så vel som håret mitt.

Eye Color L Swatches
Twatches av kremaktig kinnfarge så vel som vannbestandig eyeliner
Iført Paul & Joe Le Bal Masque på mine øyne, så vel som kinn

I utgangspunktet, hvis det er en sminke-kjærlig feline kvinne på din ferie kjøp liste, hva vi har akkurat her er en no-brainer. Du kan til og med indifisere gaven identifisere på vegne av katten din.

OK, det kan være litt mye …


Naw! kan også gå hele veien.

Din vennlige samfunn appellavhengige,


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