among the many eyeshadow palettes making their method into the hearts as well as houses of lovely women as well as makeup-lurving gents this holiday season, I’m betting there’s bound to be at least one (or two!) bright colors in the mix, as well as if you’re anything like me, a few of those brights can be totally terrifying.

For me, it’s usually the bright pinks…


I have no qualms about using bright pink on my lips, however my eyes are a different story. It’s like, bright eyeshadows take a different type of cajones, as well as sometimes I just don’t feel awesome sufficient to pull them off.

But I understand it’s just a specify of mind, as well as so over the weekend, I busted out a few of the bright eyeshadows I barely ever wear as well as began to experiment. I was just messing around when I stumbled on something by accident…

Wow! starting with a black base works wonders for bright eyeshadows!


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

And quite much any type of formula should work, be it paint pot, smudgy liner or a creamy kohl. just apply on your lids, smudge it out, as well as pat your bright eyeshadow directly on top. The black base kind of grounds the bright shadow, toning it down.

For these pics, I used a layer of matte black Sephora Collection 12HR wear Waterpoof Jumbo liner in Black as well as topped it with shimmery hot pink metropolitan Decay Eyeshadow in noise (from the Vice Palette).

Noise is a lot…noisier in its pan than it is here. In the pan, it’s a hot pink with golden glitter, however smudged as well as mixed atop a black base, it transforms into a much more wearable, yet still intense, dark plum.


I’m so pleased you’re back for one more edition of Share a tip Tuesdays! I liked the makeup as well as hair care tips you left in last week’s installment. right here are just a few of the ones that caught my eye…

I like love like Suave dry Shampoo (in the silver can with the yellow lid). So cheap, as well as it takes in oil like nobody’s business. As far as shampoo/conditioner, though, nothing “budget” leaves my hair really feeling clean as well as conditioned, so I will continue to stick by my cherished Aveda.

I’m dark skinned, as well as I like utilizing bronzer as a brow highlight. It assists me make dents in the big bronzer pans (it’s almost impossible to surface a bronzer), as well as it likewise subtly highlights my brows without making them as well obvious.

I’m consumed with the L’Oreal Vive pro glossy volume Shampoo as well as Conditioner — provides my fine hair a bit of radiate without weighing it down, smells clean however not excessively perfume-y, as well as it’s economical.

For rich lashes (and I am sure somebody has already mentioned this), as I apply, I begin right at the root of the lashes, as well as as I slooooooowly pull the clean up with my lashes to the tops, I wiggle back as well as forth gently. It combs with as well as truly coats the lashes. I likewise always do one final coat just at the extremely tip to make them look additional long.

I absolutely like the L’oreal ever Pure Smooth shampoo as well as conditioner. I never utilized to utilize drugstore shampoos as well as conditioners as well as believed only costly salon products would work on my fine however thick hair. It not only leaves my hair soft as well as manageable, however it doesn’t evaluate it down.

As a fair-skinned feline, my go to colours for eyes, lips, as well as cheeks aren’t necessarily restricted by my skin tone. With the right methods as well as a light hand, porcelain princesses can rock almost any type of look. I like experimenting with colour as well as discovering methods to make them work!

The tips of my eyebrows are rather sparse, as well as filling them in with my routine taupe eyebrow pencil looks a bit drawn in. What I do is after I line my eyes with black gel liner as well as an angled liner brush, I dab my clean to get rid of any type of super dark residue, as well as then utilize the faint amount of product delegated feather in the “hairs” in that area. I dunno, just makes them look more genuine as well as less drawn in.

Molte grazie!

So let’s get to it. Per usual, any type of as well as all of your makeup/beauty/hair/skin tips are welcome, however right here are a few broad brushstrokes to get the conversation started…

What are your top picks for finest budget plan Hair Product?

What methods as well as products do you utilize to make your lipstick wear longer?

What’s your top tip for applying liquid liner?

Do you have any type of tried-and-true beauty techniques to make tired eyes look perkier?

Are there any type of skin care products you absolutely swear by?

Leave your tips/tricks/suggestions right here in the comments,eller tweet dem til meg på twitter @karenmbb ved hjelp av hashtag #SeatItIptuesday.


Din Friendly Community Beaution Addict,


P.S. Til mine andre amerikanere, Happy Walction Day 2012!

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