Bangs and a British accent are partly responsible for attracting me to Eyeko makeup.

I desperately wanted to believe that lining my eyes, coating my lashes and filling in my brows with Eyeko products would summon the powers of makeup magic, so that suddenly, one misty morning, I’d awaken with fab fringe and a bangin’ British accent like Alexa Chun, the elegant model/TV presenter/writer and face of the Eyeko brand.


Hey, man, you never know… stranger things have happened.

If, one day, I’m pimpin’ Lloyd Christmas hair in my pictures and start a post with, “I fancy a pasty this morning and a spot of tea!” you’ll know the deal.

I’ve been using some of Eyeko’s permanent collection products lately — a couple of their liquid liners, a mascara and a brow filler — and here are a few thoughts…


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Visual Eyes liquid eyeliner ($19)

This waterproof liquid liner’s thin, flexible felt idea says “meow!” to the part of me that loves kitten flicks and skinny lines (it’s a big part). It’s preternaturally precise, but I have to make quite a few passes with it to get the color fully opaque, and that’s a bit of a bummer.

I’ve been using Mocha, the brown shade, but it’s also available in Ebony and Marine.

From the left: Brow liner, Eye Do liquid Eyeliner, visual Eyes liquid Eyeliner, Me & My shadow in Charcoal and Eye Do Mascara

Eye Do liquid eyeliner ($19)

Now here’s a liner Cleopatra would have liked. It’s long-wearing, waterproof and darker than the depths of the Nile at midnight. The short, firm felt idea feels like a marker and makes drawing dots between my lashes a breeze… That’s mostly what I use it for, in fact — to thicken my lash line, although it would also work for drawing thin lines and cat flicks, but I rarely use it for that, as crisp edges aren’t among one of this liner’s strengths. available in black.

From the left: Brow liner, Eye Do liquid Eyeliner, visual Eyes liquid Eyeliner, Me & My shadow in Charcoal and Eye Do Mascara
Brow liner ($19)

Weirdly wimpy and sheer in swatches, Eyeko’s Brow liner makes a lot more sense once you get it in brows, where it’s great for creating a full, softly structured natural look. If, however, you’re going for hyper-defined brows with tails capable of cutting glass…you might not be into it.

Lasts all day, and it’s available in one shade, a sheer brownish taupe, that Eyeko refers to as universal.

Wearing Eyeko Brow liner, Eye Do liquid eyeliner and Eye Do Mascara; Lips are MAC Matte Lipstick in Damn Glamorous
Me & My shadow Shadow liner ($19)

Gotta say, not really feelin’ this cream eyeshadow…

Every time I open it, the shadow stick falls out.

No, literally, it falls out of the tube and lands on my desk. Then, when I do get it on my lids, it creases within minutes.


The shade I’ve been using is called Charcoal, a sparkly gray, but it’s also available in chocolate and Taupe.

Eyeko Eye Do Mascara ($26)

This water-resistant mascara probably could have been called Drill Sergeant, because it really orders lashes around, gathering them into groups of three or four, so you get a spiked, anime-like lash look.

Very cool and different. I also like the lift and curl and how it doesn’t flake or smudge (although it’s not a volumizing champ).

It comes with a small plastic guitar pick-looking doohickey that you’re meant to use to shield your lashes from your skin so you don’t get excess product on your lash lines…but I rarely use it. It’s cute though.

Available in one shade called Carbon Black.

So, overall, do I like what I’ve tried from Eyeko makeup? Ya know…Eye Do.

Eyeko products are available now at Eyeko counters and online.


Din vennlige nabolag appellavhengige,


P.S. tgif!

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