The cucumber lemonade at The Cheesecake factory is 100% pure nom.
You may be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?”

Well, it isn’t precisely a poll. Det er mye mer av en kontinuerlig utvikling (devolving?), Noe tilfeldig notering av bekymringer jeg har satt ut til besøkende hver mandag morgen de siste syv årene. (Det er som en kickstart for hjernen din.) Jeg har alltid gledet til å lese svarene dine i kommentarene, så vel som jeg håper du gleder deg til å lese min.

Four things every makeup enthusiast should have?
A reliable lash curler; a fearless lipstick that makes her (or him!) feel like she’s triumphantly stomp-walking down a runway when she’s just strolling down the sidewalk; a competent, confidence-boosting concealer that’s like getting eight hours of sleep in a tube; as well as a extremely great sense of humor, since something will undoubtedly go wrong when she tries that new smoky eye/winged liner/contouring method for the very first time (but it’s no huge deal).

A section of your home that you’d truly like to straighten up as well as organize?
Ugh, my kitchen area pantry!

My pantry is turning me into a crazy person.

Actually, all of the cupboards in my kitchen area are driving me insane. I have huge pasta sauce bottles stacked on top of little raspberry preserves, huge boxes of cereal stacked on top of smaller boxes of mac ‘n’ cheese, as well as whatever looks about one sneeze away from Jenga disaster. There’s no rhyme or reason either, as well as it’s truly dark as well as deep in there…so whenever I reach in for something, it’s like spelunking without a light as well as having no concept what awaits me at the end.

I’ve checked out about this pregnancy phase thing called “nesting,” as well as I don’t understand if this is that, however I’ve started to feel very, extremely compelled to organize whatever within my instant space.

When do you do your finest thinking?
These days, typically in the morning before I hop on the Internet, since the second I inspect my email as well as social media? — man, it’s over. concentration goes poof!

How are you about making smalltalk at parties?
I believe I’m okay at it. I’m quite outgoing, so I can typically strike up a conversation about something random with a complete stranger (as long as they’re nice), however if I’m truly just not in the mood, or if I’m extremely hungry or exhausted as well as don’t want to be there, it’s certainly tough. I’ll get truly peaceful as well as retreat into a corner with my growling tum. in some cases I’ll pretend to scan the books on a shelf or the art on the walls, or I’ll play with my phone (honestly, say thanks to goodness for Bejeweled, since that game has saved me at so numerous household parties). Or, if there’s a pet around, we’ll make friends.

Last person you kissed?
Tabs just provided me a tap on my nose a few minutes ago. I believe that counts.


Din tur. Bare kopier, så vel som lim inn i samsvar med bekymringer i en kommentar med svarene dine. Jeg ser frem til å lese dem!

1. four things every makeup enthusiast should have?
2. A section of your home that you’d truly like to straighten up as well as organize?
3. When do you do your finest thinking?
4. exactly how are you about making smalltalk at parties?
5. Last person you kissed?


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Good morning, babe! got two essential bits for ya, both of them important insights I obtained yesterday on a #ladydate with my buddy Marisol.

First, the cucumber lemonade at The Cheesecake factory (the picture at the top) will modification your life! I was in the mood for something sour yesterday as well as purchased it at brunch. Dang thing was so great that I felt like jumping up on my chair as well as declaring my undying like for it. try it sometime (either the lemonade or the jumping on your chair).

Second, bras. pregnancy has taken my boobs to the next level, as well as those suckers are majorly big at the moment. I can’t in shape into any type of of my bras anymore, in spite of those useful bra extenders, so now I have to break down as well as get some new bras.

When I hit up the lingerie section at Nordie’s yesterday to get sized, I discovered out that if you purchase a regular, non-maternity bra from them, they’ll convert it to a pregnancy bra for $16 much more (it has a hook so you can pull down the cup to nurse).

Just an FYI for any type of new mommies out there.


OK, my friend, it’s onward to Monday! I hope you have a fantastic day today. I’ll do my finest if you do.

Ditt vennlige samfunn sjarmavhengig,


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