From the extremely beginning right here at Tabs the feline Industries, LLC, Tabs has kept the business culture extremely much according to other Bay area startups — on-site gym, kid as well as kitten care, 24/7 catering as well as a lax gown code (hoodies, flip-flops as well as ironic tee shirts strongly encouraged).

But I sense a modification coming. With the company’s fast growth into the burgeoning worldwide gravy market, the rumors have started, as well as a few of the workers suspect that things around right here are about to get a great deal a lot more corporate.


Of course, rumor mills will churn! The other day by the water cooler, I overheard Tabs state that he was planning on dropping the laid-back gown code. Yeah, he wants the location to have a a lot more fashion-forward, kitty-centric look, as well as I’m not sure exactly how I feel about that…

I do want to be a team player, though, as well as considering that the writing’s on the wall, I much better begin building my new wardrobe now. To that end, I spent a long time this weekend buying on the internet for a lot more proper cat-centered accessories as well as clothes.

And considering that I understand that a few of you are likewise full-time pet assistants, I believed I’d share a few of the awesome feline things I found. I mean, you never understand when your kitty dictator/employer will put a new gown code in place. Cats do talk amongst themselves, after all, as well as it can’t hurt to be prepared.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

So, right here are…

21 Cat-Themed clothes as well as accessories for the business feline Office

1. The adorable feline T-Shirt

$30, offered now at the PrettySnake Etsy shop.

2. Cats Are My partner Sweatshirt

$29, offered now at the DentzDesign Etsy shop.

3. Red/Orange Undies With two adorable Cats

$14, offered now at the NinaValkhoff Etsy shop.

4. The constant buddy sound in Persian Cat

$74.99, offered now at ModCloth.

5. crazy feline woman Hoodie (CAT silhouette Grey Sweatshirt)

$28, offered now at The strong Banana Etsy shop.

6. When It Rains, It Paws Umbrella

$29.99, offered now at ModCloth.

7. The 9 feline heads Dress

$32, offered now at the Rabbit as well as Eye Etsy shop.

8. Rescue feline Adoption logo Women’s T-Shirt

$14.99, offered now at the modernhardwear Esty shop.

9. The delighted Cat-rimony Tee

$27.99, offered now at ModCloth.

10. Maggie’s feline It once again Dress

$72.99, offered now at ModCloth.

11. feline Hoodie with Ears as well as Kitty Tracks in Kawaii Beige

$66, offered now at the PaperCatsPL Etsy shop.

12. The feline cafe Tee

$27.99, offered now at ModCloth.

13. as well as Cat’s That Heel

$167.99, offered now at ModCloth.

14. Alice in Wonderland Cheshire feline Pantyhose

$20, offered now at the Hakosem Etsy shop.

15. The feline Skirt

$35, offered now at the Vamos threads Etsy shop.

16. The Nutmeg Cats Unitard

$82.30, offered now at the Belle’s costumes Etsy shop.

17. The feline Hoodie With Ears as well as Leopard print in animal Kawaii

$65, offered now at the PaperCats PL Etsy shop.

18. Kitty feline tee shirt

$14.99, offered now at TheRockerShop Etsy shop.

19. feline shoes (Embroidered Kitty flats Mary Janes)

$25, offered now at the EM & Sprout Etsy Shop.

20. The KATTY Latex feline Mask

$261, offered now at the Robin Archer Etsy shop.

21. This woman likes Her feline T-Shirt

$12, offered now at the foultshirts Etsy shop.

Hvem er faner katten? about five years back I befriended a stray, flea-bitten tabby feline with a poor situation of worms. I might see he’d fallen on difficult times, however his profound understanding of high fashion as well as department store cosmetics led me to believe that he was a lot more than satisfies the eye. We ended up being quick friends, as well as now he’s really my manager (and a successful kitty model).


Din vennlige samfunn appellavhengige,


P.S. inspect out a few of Tabs’ preferred kitty modeling campaigns down below, however there’s even a lot more tabby to like in the makeup as well as appeal blog archives.

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