using the new Anastasia Kisses on My listing volume 2 Hydrafull Gloss in Sharona
Um…like I truly needed one more reason to randomly bust out in tune today.

Sun’s up? That’s a great reason. kopp kaffe? That’s a great reason. Tabs hasn’t scratched my ankles yet? That’s a great reason. Waiting in line at Trader Joe’s, taking Tabs for a walk, indoor plumbing, having ice cream for dinner, sitting in front of the computer like I am best now? All great sufficient reasons.


But lately, I’ve been singing aloud with even much more gusto than usual, like I’m stuck in an a extremely special episode of Glee (guest starring Tabs the feline as well as Karen of makeup as well as charm Blog), as well as I should EMOTE!

I question if it has something to finish with Anastasia…

I’ve been using the new glosses in her newest set a great deal this week, as well as not just since they radiate like my tubby tabby’s eyes.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Most of the glosses in the restricted edition $30 holiday Kisses on My listing volume 2 Hydrafull Gloss set of six full-size tubes are named after a different old-school jam.

There’s Lola, a shimmery, great pink that modifications to a deeper shade after a few minutes on the lips (Anastasia phone calls these Hypercolor glosses); Maggie May, a sheer as well as creamy nude; Jolene, a shimmery increased (another one of the Hypercolors); Roxanne, a shimmery gold (also a Hypercolor); as well as Sharona, a sheer as well as shimmery peach.

The only one I don’t acknowledge from a tune is Moi, a sheer as well as creamy pink (got any type of concepts about the name?).

The other day I took out Roxanne as well as used a single layer.

No, it did not sting. nor did the authorities show up (ba-dum bum!).

But I did feel influenced to pretend the tube was a microphone as well as belted out, “Rrrrrox-anne! You don’t have to put on the red light!” in the middle of my living room.

From the left: Moi, Maggie May, Sharona, Lola, Jolene as well as Roxanne
Swatches from the left: Jolene, Lola, Maggie May, Moi, Roxanne as well as Sharona

You may be thinking, “K, you so crazy! I like great glosses too, however there’s no method one would make me sing in public or my living room.”

You never know, my friend. even if you’re the silent type, this set is one heck of a deal. In the set, the glosses work out to just $5 per tube, versus the $18 they typically offer for individually.


Maggie May

The Anastasia Kisses on My listing volume 2 Hydrafull Gloss Set

Comes with three rather sheer glosses as well as three moderately pigmented Hypercolor shades

The thin plastic applicator paddle spreads the product evenly across my lips

All six have a moderately sticky texture, with a faint vanilla flavor as well as scent

I get between 3-4 hours of wear

The glosses feel relatively moisturizing on my lips, although the Hypercolors seem a tad drying

Paraben- as well as cruelty-free (so Tabs provides them two paws up!)

If your plan is to get an early begin on your holiday buying this year, this set may be a great choice for celebration gift bags, as the private glosses would make adorable stocking stuffers as well as gifts for goodie bags.

Pris: $ 30
AVAILABILITY: offered now at Sephora stores as well as likewise on the internet at (although last I checked, it was offered out online)
MAKEUP as well as charm blog RATING: A- (a excellent deal, however I desire the Hypercolors were just as moisturizing as the routine glosses)

Late to the game!

Not much on TV lately, so Netflix has been saving my butt. Last night I terminated up a few episodes from the very first season of Friday night Lights, which I’d never truly viewed before, as well as you understand what? — quite great show!

I’m three episodes in now as well as completely hooked. I’m not sure if it’s still on the air, however it takes location in a little Texas town where life kinda revolves around their high institution football team.

I’m not a huge fan of the shaky handheld camerawork (so over that), as well as in some cases it ventures into telenovela territory, like when Tim starts sleeping with his paralyzed finest friend’s girlfriend…

Okay…that’s quite bad, however seriously, it’s typically much better than that. I get the feeling that the writers were truly in manage of the story as well as understood where they desired it to go.

Funny thing is, I don’t understand squat about high institution football, as well as yet I get all terminated up listening to the trainer terminate up the players on the team.

Makes me want to crank out 20 push-ups as well as then provide 200% to my keyboard today!


Did you ever view the show? Hva syntes du?

Your friendly communitysjarmavhengige,


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