using Laura Mercier’s new $22 Creme Eye liner in Violet, used with the new angled Eye liner clean ($20)
Remember when you tossed those denim with the word, “Poison,” airbrushed on them as well as shouted, “I desire I had a pair of skinnies that said, ‘I Laura Mercier stormy Grey!!’ on the butt”?



Oops! Unnskyld, min feil. Det var meg.

If you like Laura’s liners so much that you quote The Notebook whenever you grasp Antique Jade or Black Gold in your hands (“…everyday we are together is the biggest day of my life. I will always be yours.”), then 1) no judgment, as well as 2) you may want to inspect out Laura’s new $22 Creme Eye Liners.

This spring Laura unveils them in six long-wearing, water resistant cream liner shades developed to accent eyes with smooth, accurate color as well as a semi-matte finish.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

They’re developed for quick, simple application, particularly when used with a single swipe from Laura’s new $20 angled Eye liner Brush.

From the left: Indigo, Violet as well as Noir ($22 each), three of the six new Creme Liners
Yesterday, while snarfing a post-treadmill workout banana as well as texting my good friend Jen about going out dancing for the very first time in years, I swiped Noir along my best lash line as well as Violet along my left. I utilized the new brush, as well (like a elegant version of Sonia’s bent Brush; suitable for providing smooth, crisp edges as well as perfect flicks).

I was in a frantic rush to get prepared as well as out the door to satisfy my bit brother, who was on his method across the Bay from the city on the Larkspur Ferry, as well as even though I was rushed as well as distracted, I still handled a feline eye liner look that Tabs himself might not discover fault with.

As for exactly how water resistant they are, I’m not sure… I’m waiting on Ryan Gosling to state his unrequited like for me while standing in the rain (in other words, I’ll let you know).

I can already attest to their durability, though. Both Noir as well as Violet lasted me with a leisurely lunch Off the Grid with my bro, where we found a guy I’m 99.9% sure was Sammy Hagar…

…through a long hike in the hills of Novato’s Indian Valley nature preserve…

…through a two-hour movie…

…a tons of laundry as well as a trip to Trader Joe’s.

From the left: Violet, Indigo as well as Noir
Wearing Violet along my upper lash lines
The angled Eye liner clean ($20)

After nine hours, Noir still looked mainly fresh, while Violet had only just begun to fade.

I’ve likewise used the inky denim blue Indigo shade, as well as of the three shades I’ve tried, Noir is the only one for which a single swipe truly seems sufficient.

I do feel like Laura poured a ton of pigment into these, however for solid, opaque lines with a few of the colors in the collection, you still may requirement one or two much more layers.

All three of the shades I’ve tried smudge a smidgen along my lower lash lines as well as take 3-4 minutes to set… just something to keep in mind. as well as I’ve discovered that when I apply the them as well as blink before they’ve had time to set, a few of the product transfers into my crease.

Might want to keep your eyes closed for a few minutes when applying… You might utilize the time to daydream about a world with calorie-free criss-cut fries (that’s what I’m doing, LOL!).

Food truck fries from Koja Kitchen


I like these — I truly do — however I believe I’d like ’em if they dried quicker as well as didn’t smudge one bit along my lower lash lines.

PRICE: $22 each
AVAILABILITY: offered now at Sephora, Laura Mercier counters as well as
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